How Luxury Fish Tanks Add Value to Your Home

Article published at: Dec 26, 2023
How Luxury Fish Tanks Add Value to Your Home - AQUA VIM
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With the rising popularity of luxury fish tanks, it’s no wonder people are investing a lot of money in creating elaborate high-end home aquariums. Having the presence of a nearby body of water is one of the things that makes homeowners and guests alike feel at peace. A carefully maintained and well-designed glass fish tank can be a sight to behold and boost the resale value of your home. Luxury fish tanks can create a tranquil underwater retreat in any room. An architectural feature like this adds a sense of pride to any property and shows that the owners take pride in their homes.

Want to boost your home’s resale value? Is your home in need of a luxe upgrade? If you plan to sell your home, you might want to consider AQUA VIM home aquariums to boost your property value. You can add some monetary worth and tranquility to your home by installing luxury fish tanks – whether they are corner tanks, bow-front aquariums, panoramic aquariums, or cylinder fish tanks. AQUA VIM aquariums help properties sell faster and for more money. Let’s look at how AQUA VIM luxury fish tanks contribute to the value of your home.

Are luxury glass fish tanks good investments for your home?

Home aquariums are believed to have a relaxing effect on observers, which results in a substantial drop in blood pressure and heart rate. According to Vastu, home aquariums are also known to keep residents out of harm’s way. The fish living in the home aquarium is said to absorb negative energy and keep evil at bay. In many cultures, fish is believed to bring positive energy flow into a home.

It’s true that a properly maintained aquarium can increase the value of your home. You might be able to get your home off the market faster if you add an aquarium if you’re thinking of selling soon.

According to a recent study by Zillow, homes with indoor aquariums are worth $5,000 more than those without. The study concluded that homes with an aquarium usually sell faster-on average; they sell one day faster than homes without an aquarium.

Enhances Sellable Appeal

In today’s increasingly indoor-outdoor lifestyle, glass fish tanks with nature-based art experiences can enhance the appeal of any luxury home. A pristine home aquarium with healthy marine life inside can create the perfect ambiance and make your home more appealing to prospective buyers when you’re trying to sell your home or maximize the price. If you have an expansive home, consider adding AQUA VIM rimless home aquariums to shared areas for the purpose of enhancing the value of your space.

Adds Luxurious Elements 

With an AQUA VIM luxury fish tank in your home, you’ll increase the value of your property, whether it’s a cylinder fish tank or a corner fish tank. Glass fish tanks will not only enrich the appearance of your home but also increase your property value over time. It is not uncommon for homeowners to splurge on custom-made multi-level aquariums, luxury corner or cylinder fish tanks, imported fish from exotic locations, marine ecology systems, and custom-made lighting.

How much does it cost to install luxury fish tanks?

In general, AQUA VIM rimless glass fish tanks can range between $4,000 and upwards of $20,000+ depending on the type of tank you choose. Our 100% glass AQUA VIM home aquariums are available in many different design options and sizes – Cylinder Glass Fish Tank, Wave Glass Fish Tank, Corner Glass Fish Tank, Panoramic Glass Fish Tank, Bow Front Glass Fish Tank.

Luxury Fish Tanks Made for Your Luxury Home

AQUA VIM builds luxury home aquariums perfect for any upscale home with a luxurious aesthetic. They have mastered the art of creating a watery paradise that adds value to any house on the market. AQUA VIM is known for its 100% rimless glass fish tanks with a sleek and elegant appearance. You’ll be able to add value to your premium space with AQUA VIM’s glass fish tanks that enhance the beauty of your home. The rimless glass fish tanks lend a luxurious touch to any luxurious apartment or event space. Your space will be left speechless by the panoramic display of AQUA VIM luxury fish tanks, regardless of their size.

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