T5HO Lighting System

T5HO Lighting System

Starting at $89.00

Finally, a high-output LED light that comes tested with live corals and proves to be another well-designed lighting fixture of Aqua Vim, that provides efficient light intensity for reef setup. With actinic blue and 10,000K white controlled by two separate cords, this light enables you to hook up with timers for easy day/night setting. And because it does not have a program setting screen, it gives you no chance of breaking it as you could do with other fixtures that have complicated setting features that you mostly-likely don’t needed. Simply place on top of your tank with the included legs or hang it with the supplied hanging kit and plug in, and your corals will be as happy as you are. This high output LED is specially designed to penetrate deeper reef tanks. Unique “heat sink” design allows heat disperses without use of cooling fans. Remote ballast box with 6ft long cables, and lighting fixture with 3′ cable. Each fixture is 5 1/2″ wide and 2 1/2″ high.


Lighting Options:

24″ LED 4-strip fixture, 82w equal to 820w, 60w 10,000K white + 22w actinic blue.

36” LED 4-strip fixture, 126w equal to 1260w, 90w 10,000K white + 36w actinic blue.

48” LED 4-strip fixture, 163w equal to 1630w, 120w 10,000K white + 43w actinic blue.

60” LED 4-strip fixture, 200w equal to 2000w, 150w 10,000K white + 50w actinic blue.

72” LED 4-strip fixture, 245w equal to 2450w, 180w 10,000K white + 65w actinic blue.

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T5HO Lighting System


A bow curve design, with edgeless front corners and a seamless view.
T5HO Lighting System


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T5HO Lighting System

1/2 Cylinder

A 180° seamless view, ideal for wall placement.
T5HO Lighting System

3/4 Cylinder

A 270° seamless view, with a flat back for corner or wall placement.
T5HO Lighting System


A 90° seamless view, ideal for corner placement.
T5HO Lighting System


Our take on the standard box tank, with edgeless front corners and a seamless view.
T5HO Lighting System


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