SuperQuiet Pump

SuperQuiet Pump

Starting at $310.00

So powerful, yet so quiet ! The latest pump-making technology makes these all possible. AquaVim’s SuperQuiet series of pumps dare to challenge any pump currently on the market for its quietness of operation.  It runs like a gentle, cool summer breeze but produces exceptional flow capacity. Because of precision tooling technology and special shaft materials it uses, it consumes lower energy and generate less heat than most other pumps on the market. Designed to be used either as a submersible sump pump or as an external sump pump. 1″ outlet on all its models from 1000gph to 2600ghp. Ideal for use as an upgrade pump in Aqua Vim Eco-smart sump combo for aquarium of 100 gallons or large.


SuperQuiet Pump options:

1000 gph

1500 gph

2000 gph

2600 gph

Choosing the right pump speed depends on the size of your tank and the type of aquatics you are planning to keep. For help selecting a pump, contact us

Other Products

SuperQuiet Pump


A bow curve design, with edgeless front corners and a seamless view.
SuperQuiet Pump


A 360° view, ideal for corner or center placement.
SuperQuiet Pump

1/2 Cylinder

A 180° seamless view, ideal for wall placement.
SuperQuiet Pump

3/4 Cylinder

A 270° seamless view, with a flat back for corner or wall placement.
SuperQuiet Pump


A 90° seamless view, ideal for corner placement.
SuperQuiet Pump


Our take on the standard box tank, with edgeless front corners and a seamless view.
SuperQuiet Pump


Our exclusive flagship style, featuring a “wave” silhouette and hand-bent curvatures.
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