Plug and play. Our table aquariums are pre-installed for easy setup, so no installation or filtration set up is necessary. Just add water and plug it in!

Note: Water should be filled up to the middle of the “filter holes” at the top. Table aquariums consist of 3 wet legs for filtration and one dry leg for electrical wires. NEVER POUR WATER INTO ANY OF THE LEGS, ESPECIALLY THE DRY LEG.

Each table aquarium includes power head, LED lighting fixtures, and a state-of-the-art ecological filtration system that gives your aquatic lives a realistic natural environment, all built-in and hideout.  Extra sockets in columns allow you to plug in your heater and air pump or other electrical accessories without being noticed. All these electrical are controlled by 4 neatly-rowed switches on the tank column and are run through one main cable that you can plug to your power source and easily hide underneath your carpet. It is even equipped with rollers on the bottom for you to move the table aquarium around easily.


aqua vim rectangular coffee table aquarium glass
aqua vim premium glass table aquariums

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