1). Do not remove the blue (or black) foam attached to the bottom of the tank at the time of setup. If cutting is necessary for plumbing, please cut as little as possible. Tank should be placed on a level stand that is on a level floor. Either an unlevel floor or unlevel stand can cause a tank to break, particularly after it is filled with water, and would void the warranty.

2). When moving the tank onto the stand, do not rest it on the glue-hiding skirt of the stand. Instead, slide the tank to its position from the back of the stand where there is no skirt. For cylinder tanks, the ring-shaped skirt at the top of the stand is removable. You can take the skirt off first, put the tank on top of the stand, then slip the skirt back over the top of the tank.

3). Doors are equipped with “click-on, click-off” stainless-steel hinges that are adjustable in all directions. If any misalignment is observed, a screw driver is all you need in most cases. In rare cases, a wooden door may be warped due to rapid weather changes combined with mishandling during shipping. In this instance, the door would need straightening by applying weights or clamps.

4). As with any glassware, do not bang on aquarium. Great care must be taken when you place and remove rocks, gravels, corals, driftwood and any other ornaments or decorations. To make your aquarium setting as safe as possible, we recommend using a proper glue to secure your rocks and ornaments if you pile them up.

5). NEVER move the aquarium with water inside of it. This will add uneven pressure while moving and can cause the aquarium to break.

For filtration and sump installation, please see filtration and sump installation guidelines 


half cylinder glass aquarium in white furniture for sale
bowfront tank in black glass tank and stand

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