***Aquarium does not include lighting or filtration. Lighting, sumps, and pumps are additional add ons***

Product Details:

TANK ONLY. Does not include stand and canopy.

Our take on the classic rectangle aquariums, made with AquaVim glass and real wood furniture. Tank is Euro- or Cross-braced or a mix of both, with overflow(s), feeder tube and background

For sizes and dimensions offered, see item description below

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Tank Sizes:


105g, 40″L x 24″W x 25″H

125g, 40″L x 24″W x 30″H

135g, 52″L x 24″W x 25″H

162g, 52″L x 24″W x 30″H

200g, 64″L x 24″W x 30″H

280g, 76″L x 28″W x 30″H

310g, 96″L x 30″W x 25″H

420g, 108″L x 30″W x 30″H

560g, 120″L x 36″W x 30″H

680g, 120″L x 36″W x 36″H

1080g, 144″L x 48″W x 36″H

3300g, 276″L x 138″W x 20″H

Need a different size? Let us build the ultimate high-end custom aquarium. Free design consultations. Please message us.

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105, 125, 135, 162, 200, 280, 300, 420, 560, 680, 1080