Plug and play. No complicated installation, no additional equipment needed: Just fill up the tank with water and add your fish, and plug power cord into your wall outlet. 

Aqua Vim table aquariums are made using glass, not acrylic, thus you do not scratch your tank wall when you clean your tank, and your tank will not look dull and fogy after a few years of use; Unlike table aquariums made by other manufacturers, there is no filter box or pump in the middle of the tank to take up swimming space. Filters and pumps are hidden in the columns, so you don’t see an odd black box in your tank

With each Aqua Vim table aquarium, you have glass supporting sets of legs in 2 height sizes: One set if you want to prevent your pets or children from reaching into the tank water, the other if you want to increase height of the table top. 


Product Details:

Glass; Built-in 50/50 (460nm/10,000K White) LED lighting and double mechanical filters.

Controlled via switch panel featuring one free outlet, controlled via fifth switch. Switches: 1x filter, 1x opposite side filter, 1x 2 of 4 LED bars, 1x other 2 LED bars
One plug from the entire unit. Low-profile, hidden caster wheels.

For a list of sizes and dimensions, please see item details below.



***Table aquariums come with built-in lighting and filtration with each set***


Table Aquarium Set Furniture Options:

Rectangle                        36 gallons               40″L x 20″W x 21″H

Rectangle                        60 gallons               50″L x 28″W x 21″H

Rectangle                        80 gallons               60″L x 28″W x 21″H

Square                             68 gallons               40″L x 40″W x 21″H

Circle                                55 gallons               40″L x 40″ W x 21″H

Twin-half-circle             120 gallons              66″L x 42″W x 31″H

Oval                                  63 gallons                55″L x 28″W x 21″H

Dining table/desk         75 gallons                61″L x 36″W x 31″H

Conference desk           320 gallons             105″L x 62″W x 32″H

Need a different size? Contact us for custom dimensions.

Additional information


Rectangle 36g, Rectangle 60g, Rectangle 80g, Square 68g, Circle 55g, Oval 55g, Rectangle Dining Table 75g, Rectangle Conference Table 320g, Twin Half Circle 120g

Furniture Color

Black, Walnut, Maple