Product Details:

Rounded room divider aquarium set. Visible on both sides, with flat back against a wall.

Euro-braced with feeder tube apparatus. Includes glass aquarium, built-in overflow box with pre-drilled holes (1.5″ drain + 1″ return), standpipes and bulkheads, glass canopy, and wood cabinetry.

For sizes and dimensions offered, see item description below


What is the difference between Moon View and Ocean View furniture?

Moon View furniture is slightly taller and offers a side door on the canopy for ease of access and targeting feeding. Ocean View furniture is slightly shorter and offers a top door rather than a side door. Thus, Ocean View would be ideal for users who plan to keep freshwater, and prefer a shorter canopy look, while Moon View is ideal for reef habitats. Please see description below for measurements.

Ocean View: 32″ vented cabinet with bottom-hiding lip and 10″ top-hatch water level-covering canopy with vents and feeder tube apparatus.

Moon View: 36″ vented cabinet with bottom-hiding lip and 15″ front/side-open water level-covering canopy with hooks installed.

Note: the tank itself used for both Moon View and Ocean View styles is the same



Furniture Options

Ocean View: 32″ cabinet with tank bottom-hiding lip, 10″ top-hatch vented canopy with feeder tube port

Golden Oak, Walnut, Piano White, Abyss Black, Premium Cherry, Rose Cherry, Unfinished

Our Ocean View Room Divider tanks come in the following sizes:

100 gallon:    48″L x 22″W x 25″
120 gallon:    48″L x 22″W x 30″
150 gallon:   60″L x 24″W x 25″
180 gallon:   60″L x 24″W x 30″
220 gallon:   72″L x 24″W x 30″
230 gallon:   76″L x 24″W x 30″

For full dimensions including Ocean View stand and canopy, add approx 42″ to the tank height.

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100, 120, 150, 180

Furniture Color

Rose Cherry, Premium Cherry, Golden Oak, Abyss Black, Piano White, Espresso Walnut, Unstained