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Cylinder aquariums feature an island column overflow with three predrilled holes (1.5″ and 1″ and .5″), extra hole can be used for emergency drain or for routing wires, keeping them hidden from view. NOTE: Cylinder styles are made with 2 half cylinder pieces of glass for maximum structural strength. All cylinder tanks will have two total seams, opposite of each other.

Aquarium glass is euro-braced with a 2″ feeder hole/tube drilled.

For sizes and dimensions offered, see item description below


What is the difference between Moon View and Ocean View furniture?

Moon View furniture is slightly taller and features a 36″ stand and a 15″ canopy. Moon View furniture offers a front-open canopy door to for easy access to the the interior of the canopy. For tank access, a user can simply open the front canopy door and prop it up.

Ocean View furniture is slightly shorter and features a 32″ stand and a 11″ canopy. Ocean View furniture offers a top-open canopy door located at the top of the canopy, rather than a front-open canopy door as in Moon View furniture. For tank maintenance, a user would need to remove the canopy completely to access the tank. Ocean View furniture comes with a feeder tube at the top of the canopy, so complete canopy removal is not needed for basic feeding.

The Moon View series is recommended for users who need regular access to the top of the tank for target feeding or maintenance purposes, while Ocean View is recommended for users who prefer a shorter canopy look, and do not require constant access to the tank.

Note: the tank itself is the same for both Moon View and Ocean View styles.



***Aquarium set does not include lighting or filtration. Lighting, sumps, and pumps are additional add ons***


Ocean View Cylinder aquarium set furniture options:

Ocean View furniture: features a 32″ cabinet, top open door, 11″ top-open canopy w/ feeder tube

Color Options: Golden Oak, Walnut, Piano White, Abyss Black, Premium Cherry, Rose Cherry, Unfinished


Our cylinder aquarium set comes in the following sizes:

100 gallon:  Tank dimension: 32″W x 30″H, cabinet stand height: 32″, approx.

125 gallon:  Tank dimension: 32″W x 36″H, cabinet stand height: 32″, approx.

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100, 125

Furniture Color

Rose Cherry, Premium Cherry, Golden Oak, Abyss Black, Piano White, Espresso Walnut, Unstained