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Bowfront style tank only. Does not come with stand or canopy. Comes with glass top cover, piping for filtration, and overflow box. For the full set including furniture, please see our Moon View and Ocean View Bowfront Set product listings

For sizes and dimensions offered, see item description below

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Bow front tank aquarium sizes:


70 gallon:   39L x 22W x 24H

83 gallon:   39L x 21W x 25H

93 gallon:   48L x 19W x 25H

110 gallon: 48L x 22W x 25H

120 gallon:  48L x 24W x 25H

130 gallon:  48L x 22W x 30H

140 gallon:  60L x 22W 25H

145 gallon:  48L x 24W x 30H

170 gallon:  60L x 22W x30H

175 gallon:  48L x 24W x 36H

180 gallon:  72L x 21W x 30H

215 gallon:   72L x 24W x 30H

280 gallon:   79L x 27W x 30H

320 gallon:   80L x 32W x 30H

350 gallon:   96L x 24W x 36H

380 gallon:   80L x 32W x 36H

510 gallon:   96L x 30W x 42H

For other dimensions, please contact us for a custom order

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70, 83, 93, 110, 120, 130, 140, 145, 170, 175, 180, 215, 280, 320, 350, 380, 510