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Welcome to Aqua Vim Wholesale

We invest heavily in glass bending technology and use this technology to make aquariums in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Our premium glass aquariums are created using only the highest materials available, and we are the only manufacturer in the US to create pre-built large curved glass aquariums. We have endured many years of painstaking effort in perfecting our products and have made ourselves masters of a series of proprietary technologies and know-how in the manufacture of these uniquely-designed products.

We are pleased to be able to offer products with the very significant benefits and advantages as follows:
Glass aquariums can now be as curved and uniquely designed as acrylic aquariums, allowing you to enjoy an unimpeded view of the entire aquarium, without distracting seams and adhesives.
Glass aquariums are more durable and far less likely to scratch than those made of acrylic.
Glass aquariums do not fog or “age” the way that acrylic/plastic aquariums may. Glass remains crystal clear for life.
Unlike the products of other glass aquarium makers, our seamless, curved, glass aquariums have no sharp edges or pointed corners. This makes it possible for you to have an aquarium, without risking the safety of your children or others in your home.
The glass we use in our aquariums is clearer than the standard glass used by most other glass aquarium makers, yet stronger than low iron glass.

As a company founded by a group of aquarium hobbyists, we are well versed in the potential concerns of those involved in this wonderful pastime, and thus have created products that are aesthetically pleasing, high quality, and well-designed. It is our goal to excel in filing all of your aquatic needs.

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