Corner (¼ Cylinder)





“L” below is the straight line distance from left and right front corners adjacent to curve, “W” is the radius, and “H” is height.

All tanks are drilled with overflow w/ intake at three levels, 1.5″ drain and 1″ return, except in the 66g Corner aquarium, which has 1″ drain x ¾” return.

66 gallon: 40″L x 29″W x 25″H

85 gallon: 45″L x 32″W x 25″H

96 gallon: 50″L x 34″W x 25″H (entry requires 33″ door).

105 gallon: 45″L x 32″W x 30″H

116 gallon: 50″L x 34″W x 30″H (entry requires 33″ door)

125 gallon: 45″L x 32″W x 36″H

138 gallon: 50″L x 34″W x 36″H (entry requires 33″ door)

155 gallon: 59″L x 40″W x 30″H (entry requires 36″ door)

186 gallon: 59″L x 40″W x 36″H (entry requires 36″ door)

200 gallon: 66″L x 46″W x 30″H (entry requires 36″ door)

250 gallon: 66″L x 46″W x 36″H (entry requires 36″ door)

440 gallon: 87″L x 61″W x 36″H (entry requires 36″ door)

515 gallon: 87″L x 61″W x 42″H (entry requires 36″ door)

Furniture Options:

Ocean View: 32″ cabinet, 10″ top-open canopy w/ feeder tube

Moon View: 36″ cabinet, 15″ front-open canopy w/ feeder tube and hooks for lighting installed

Gilded Oak, Walnut, Piano White, Abyss Black, Premium Cherry, Rose Cherry, Unfinished

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66, 85, 96, 105, 116, 125, 136, 155, 186, 200, 250, 440, 515


Tank Only, Ocean View, Moon View


No Filtration, Sump, Sump + Pump

Furniture Color

Rose Cherry, Premium Cherry, Gilded Oak, Abyss Black, Piano White, Espresso Walnut, Unstained, No Furniture