Table Aquariums


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Glass; Built-in 50/50 (460nm/10,000K White) LED lighting and double mechanical filters.

Controlled via switch panel featuring one free outlet, controlled via fifth switch.

Switches: 1x filter, 1x opposite side filter, 1x 2 of 4 LED bars, 1x other 2 LED bars
One plug from the entire unit

Low-profile, hidden caster wheels.

Rectangle                        36 gallons               40″L x 20″W x 21″H

Rectangle                        60 gallons               50″L x 28″W x 21″H

Rectangle                        80 gallons               60″L x 28″W x 21″H
Square                            68 gallons               40″L x 40″W x 21″H

Circle                             55 gallons               40″L x 40″ W x 21″H

Corner (triangle)              23 gallons              40″L x 28″W x 21″H

Twin-half-circle             120 gallons               66″L x 42″W x 31″H

Oval                               63 gallons               55″L x 28″W x 21″H

Dining table/desk            75 gallons                61″L x 36″W x 31″H

Conference desk             320 gallons             105″L x 62″W x 32″H

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Rectangle 36g, 40x20x21, Rectangle 48g, 48x24x21, Rectangle 85g, 61x34x21, Square 68g, 40x40x21, Circle 50g, 39x39x21, Half Circle 60g, 60x25x30, Half Circle 110g, 77x32x30, Oval 55g, 55x28x21, Rectangle Dining Table 75g, 61x36x31, Rectangle Conference Table 320g, 105x62x32, Twin Half Circle 120g, 72x60x31, Twin Square 50g, 54x27x21, Twin Square 77g, 76x32x31


Black, Walnut, Maple


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