coolest fish tank decor volcano bubbler aquarium decoration

Coolest Fish Tank Decor

Fish tank decorations are an essential addition to any aquarium. We have included some of the most coolest fish tank decor we’ve seen including SpongeBob, the Titanic and more.

Top Ten Creative Fish Tank Decorations

There are thousands of fish aquarium decorations online, so to simplify this process, we have included ten of the most creative ornaments for your fish tank that can be easily purchased online. Let’s take a look at ten of the best that you can get your hands on.

coolest aquarium decor led bubble light

1. LONDAFISH LED Aquarium Bubble Light

Certainly one of the coolest fish tank decor around, nothing can compare to the experience of watching smooth bubbles work their way up to the top of an aquarium. This addition is quite easy to set-up, only requiring an air pump and a short tube to get started. This can be a great addition to almost any theme you are going for, plus it helps spread oxygen throughout your aquarium which leads to better health for your pet fish. This LED bubble light also features a variety of colors, so it will undoubtedly leave your fish tank looking lively and vivid; not to mention it’s size, allowing its usage in almost all sized fish tanks.

Slocme castle decor coolest aquarium decorations

2. SLOCME Castle Aquarium Decoration

This is certainly a beautiful addition to add to your aquarium. This castle will give your fish a great place to swim around, plus it will add quite a bit of character to your aquarium. This decoration is made of a non toxic resin so it is safe for your fish. Just make sure to give it a good wash with fresh water before placing it inside of your tank.

coolest fish tank decor volcano bubbler aquarium decoration

3. Bubbler Volcano Fish Tank Decoration

Volcano decorations are undoubtedly a fantastic addition. Activated by an air pump, this volcano will blast air bubbles to the surface of your tank, creating a visually stunning appearance to your aquarium. You will also find that you are not the only one mesmerized by the eruptions, as fish love this decoration, resulting in a hotspot for the residents of your fish tank. This decoration also includes a red spotlight, so simply shining it directly to the side of the volcano will create the cool effect of lava overflowing.

coolest fish tank decor the titanic aquarium decortion

4. Titanic Fish Tank Decoration

Why not add one of the most famous ships in history? This Titanic decoration is quite the detailed decoration, closely matching the original. Requiring nearly zero maintenance, this decoration will be a great addition. Better suited for medium to larger tanks, this will undoubtedly provide a fantastic aesthetic to your aquarium. This Titanic shipwreck is also made from a non-toxic resin material that is safe for fish.

coolest aquarium decor driftwood sand fountain for fish tank

5. SAIM Driftwood Sand Fountain Fish Tank Decoration

This decoration is quite a sight to the eye. It works by recirculating white sand within your tank located at the bottom of the sand fountain and spewing it out at the top, repeating the process indefinitely, appearing as a waterfall. This creates a constant trickle of sand appearing as an underwater waterfall. It may go against the natural law, but it looks very mesmerizing. Setting up this decoration is fairly simple.

coolest aquarium decor sand waterfall for fish tanks

6. Build-It-Yourself Sand Waterfall Decoration

Sand waterfalls are truly a magnificent thing to look at. They work by having a pump recirculate the white sand placed at the bottom of the tank indefinitely, causing the white sand falling down to appear as a waterfall. Sand waterfalls add a very unique touch to any aquarium and they are usually fairly easy to install. However, this installation will largely depend on what kind of tank you have. Similarly to the sand fountain, this uses similar equipment to function; such as an air pump, air hose and white sand. You will need to purchase something to cut the PVC piping you will need, such as a PVC cutter, though you can sometimes get away with only using air hoses. There are plenty of guides out there to help you build a sand waterfall such as YouTube videos, so be sure to include your specific tank specifications within your search to ensure a correct build.

fish tank decoration bonsai driftwood coolest decor

7. Bonsai Driftwood Tree Decor 

This driftwood tree creates a dynamic yet stunning appearance; and because it is made from one piece of real wood, it will almost never require maintenance. Driftwood also contains water softening tannic acid, which helps manage the pH levels. Another great thing about this driftwood tree, is that it will go great with almost all other decorations, so no matter the theme, this is likely to be a great addition.

coolest fish tank decorations head sculpture

8. Aquarium Head Sculpture

This Buddha Head Sculpture from Amazon is quite the display. It is a huge attention grabber and requires minimum maintenance. Made with a heavy resin material, this decoration will sit firmly on the floor of your tank. Better suited for medium to larger tanks, it will add a nice touch, plus will give your fish a place to hide.

most creative aquarium decor dragon

9. Dragon Sculpture Decoration for Aquariums

What better way to spruce up your fish tank than with a dragon? Symbolizing strength, power and good fortune, this decoration will certainly add a unique twist to your aquarium. Built with fish safe materials, your pet fish will have no negative reactions to this decoration, plus it is fairly easy to clean, requiring very minimal maintenance. Due to its large size, it is better suited for a larger tank.

coolest aquarium decorations sponge bob figures

10. Sponge Bob Ten Piece Figures Set

Probably once of the most whimsical decorations within this list, this SpongeBob decoration set brings a playful and vivid look to your tank; and it has a wide variety to choose from. With 10 different pieces included, this kit would be a great buy if you are new to the hobby, though still very popular with the veteran fish keepers. But with an appearance like this, we can’t blame them.

We hope you have enjoyed our top ten list of the coolest fish tank decor we’ve seen, we had a hard time figuring out which was our favorite so they are not in chronological order. These decorations will certainly brighten up your aquarium and add a ton of character to it.