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AquaVim Glass

(above: low-iron glass (available custom), standard generic aquarium glass, AquaVim® Glass)

Thicker and clearer than the standard glass used in mass-produced tanks, while harder and more scratch-resistant than low-iron glass.


Weight factor: acrylic vs. glass

tank size

acrylic tank weight empty (lbs) / laborers needed

glass tank weight empty (lbs) / laborers needed

acrylic tank weight full (lbs)

glass tank weight full (lbs)

weight difference between glass and acrylic tanks when full (%)

55 42 / 2 78 / 2 589 625 6.1%
93 88 / 2 170 / 2 993 1075 8.3%
118 120 / 2 215 / 2 1305 1400 7.3%
170 160 / 2 295 / 3 1845 1980 7.3%
230 200 / 2 370 / 4 2330 2530 8.6%
265 250 / 3 460 / 5 2690 2950 7.8%
500 600 / 5 1050 / 8 4900 5350 9.2%




Compare other factors:

sighted seams from viewing scratch concern  transparency and “aging” forming styles material cost manufacturing difficulty  water holding strength distortion
acrylic  seams are nearly clear but affect view high, easily scratched from routine algae-cleaning high when new but can decrease over time. Strong lighting and detergents also contribute to yellowing/fogging more freedom of design because of the elastic nature of acrylic high lowest of the three strong because its seams are molecular bonds minimal, but poorly manufactured acrylic may lose its shape and/or clarity
conventional glass highly visible silicone seam low, less likely  less clear than new acrylic but clear enough for viewing pleasure

glass stays clear for life

confined to flat panels x silicone seams low difficult, without requiring sophisticated equipment 8 seams depend on careful, highly skilled glue work minimal
Aqua Vim® glass unobstructed, seamless views Low, less likely  stays clear life-long. Standard AV Glass is clearer by definition than generic products; our low-iron glass stays extremely clear lifelong. plethora of shapes can be formed thru years of experience in glass bending technology, specifically for high-end aquariums very high requires large-scale glass equipment and extensive know-how strong, with the use of thicker glass and fewer, 3 seams compared to the 8 of others minimal – Smaller models with sharp bends may produce a slight distortion but is largely preferred over a silicone seam, and does not detract from the view.

Master Carpenters

Handcraft and contour your aquarium support and showcase with real wood, never MDF, to combine earth and water to bring a stylish splash of nature into your life.

Waterproof Wood Stain Selection

(Gilded Oak, Walnut, Piano White, Abyss Black, Premium Cherry, Rose Cherry, and Unstained as standard available colors.)

We are able to accommodate a wide range of design and materials to personalize a custom order.

Learn more about our carpentry


32″ cabinet/stand, 10″ top-open canopy w. feeder port


36″ cabinet/stand + 15″ front-open canopy w. hooks and cooling vents

Ocean View

10" top hatch canopy, with feeder tube extending into water surface, keeping food collected; 32" cabinet stand with vented back

Moon View

15" front/side open canopy with hooks for lighting; feeder tube holder, cabinet stands aquarium 36" from the floor

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our product and our attentive service team is here to help.

(100″ long seamless bowfront, 600g cylinder, 515g corner glass aquariums ready for trucking)

We use thorough packaging for aquarium and wood furniture shipping, nationwide and across international borders. We double-check each pallet before shipping. To protect merchandise from damage, we use a plywood styrofoam bed, bubble wrap, cardboard, styrofoam, wood crate, shrink wrap, tightened padded banding clipped, wherever needed and we have an effective system to prevent shipping damage loss claims.


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