Dealer Application

New Dealer Application

New Dealer Application

Words for Prospective New Dealers

Given the choice, a majority of people would prefer their aquariums to be lasting, stylish, safe, and match well with their existing furniture, rather than box-like tanks with unsightly seams and sharp angles pointing at their running-around children and pets, or acrylic tanks that will become “foggy” and full of scratches in a few years resulting from simple algae-cleaning.

They chose those sharp-angled tanks or plastic tanks only because they had no choice at all.

Now, you can install good taste in your customers’ homes with a new line of aquariums made out of pure glass and real wood that are curvy, stylish, and crystal clear for life.

Be part of the coming trend, and be successful with our support.

Not so sure? —We are giving you 12 of many reasons to act now instead of missing the opportunity:

Reason #1
You should be the one, not Petco, Petsmart, Wal-Mart, Petland, or other large chain stores, to pick the battlefield. Why? Because when you sell the same kind of generic, mass-produced, seamed, flat glass tanks readily available in these “superstores”, as a smaller scale operation, you are facing Mike Tyson in a boxing ring designed for Mike Tyson with rules made by Mike Tyson.

AquaVim® gives only aquarium specialty stores the power needed to compete with “superstores”, because AquaVim®’s proprietary glass bending technology, that enables glass to be bent without distortion, combined with hand-made real wood furniture contouring the curves of each tank, cannot be replicated by anyone else, and to the same degree of perfection; in addition, AquaVim® aquariums are attentively made by the hands of only the most skillful workers and carpenters, therefore have only limited production quantity per month. No “superstores” will be able to, or be interested in, purchase from AquaVim® knowing it will not supply all their stores for mass-market.

Reason #2
Unlike other aquarium product suppliers who ship you the same product that another store in the same area gets, forcing you to compete with your neighboring stores, AquaVim® gives you exclusive dealership: No other store in your area will be able to sell AquaVim® luxury lines of aquariums. You enjoy the privileges of free referrals by AquaVim® and of prospective customers brought to you by AquaVim® nation-wide advertisement campaigns, without competition or worry that a same prospective customer will buy it from a neighboring store for a few dollars less.

Reason #3
AquaVim® aquariums give dealers higher profit margins per sale, with virtually no quality problem, return, and after-sale headache. AquaVim® takes and answers questions for stores from store’s customers after sale as well as before sale.

This means a lot to busy owners running aquarium specialty stores, particularly if involved with tanks that people are used to – the generic ones. You minimize your profit to compete, while having to take time, labor and pain taking care of quality problems, returns, exchanges etc. caused from sub-par products.

In short, AquaVim® aquariums give you much higher markup, not only because they are unique in style, better in quality, and since our dealers have no competition from neighboring stores, but also because it saves you a lot of time and man-power dealing with pre-sale/post-sale support concerns.

Reason #4
AquaVim® provides the longest warranty in the industry. Unlike some other glass tank manufacturers who offer only 90 days warranty, the confidence in our quality of materials and craftsmanship enables AquaVim® to offer the best, 20 times longer than that, warranty.

Reason #5
AquaVim® glass is harder and stronger than Starphire glass, meaning more scratch resistant, and provides much higher visibility of your aquatic life than all other glass aquariums. Additionally, AquaVim® typically uses thicker glass for similar size aquariums, and much stronger silicon glue, than anyone else in the industry.

Check out this link to see why our glass is superior to others:

Reason #6
Because its quality, style, and uniqueness stand out from all others, an AquaVim® aquarium sells itself, to a wide range of customers from the reef scene to the homemaker, who want nothing but the best. That’s why we encourage our dealers to display at least a few of our aquariums in a variety of styles and colors on their retail floor next to any other brand names, so customers can physically feel and see how nice they are, to greatly increase sales.

Reason #7
AquaVim® will give you, free of charge, enough synthetic corals to decorate the first few AquaVim® tanks you plan to dry-display in prime spaces of your retail floor.
We will give 50% credit rebate on ‘wet sets’, ensembles which will be filled and displayed with water/livestock in the showroom, once we receive a picture of the tank running in the store.
60% off lighting fixtures as well, to use to illuminate these display tanks, so you can not only try AquaVim® accessories but also make AquaVim® aquariums appealing to your customers for a quick decision.

Reason #8

AquaVim® accepts returns from its exclusive dealers, with no questions asked, even if a display tank or its furniture gets scratched by employee or walk-in customer, as long as the tank is never used with water.

Reason #9

Having exclusive dealership of AquaVim® has become a valuable asset for stores wanting to sell to prestigious customer bases in their respective areas. We had declined application from store who offered to pay $30,000 to join merely because it’s located too close to our existing dealer. (This is a dramatic contrast if we look back 10 years ago when we asked for only a $2,000 initial order to step in).

Reason #10
Since AquaVim® invests its money to promote its products and its exclusive dealers, many customers coming into AquaVim® dealers’ stores to shop already know AquaVim’s reputation for quality and advantageous features before-hand, and know they will receive thorough support. The same customers often go back to the dealer store again and again for other purchases because they are happy customers.

Reason #11
At the request of the dealer, AquaVim® can arrange orders to be drop-shipped directly to a customer in its area, saving dealer labors and expenses.

Reason #12
For substantial size tank order that has to be made and/or assembled on site, AquaVim® takes majority of the burden from the shoulders of exclusive dealer, to ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Dealer gets paid by customer and keep part of it and send the remaining payment to AquaVim® taking virtually no risk.

Last but not least:

We only need one exclusive dealer in an area, once it’s filled, we will not give it to another store in the same area. So act now to enjoy the privileges of being Aqua Vim’s dealer before it’s too late!