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piano tank aquarium for sale
aquavim handcrafted wood cabinetry and glass tank

What is Aqua Vim® cabinetry made of?

Our handcrafted wood cabinetry is made using real wood. Depending on the series and model, our cabinetry is made with oak wood, Japanese ash wood, cherry wood, or maple wood.


How does Aqua Vim®‘s handcrafted wood cabinetry compare to that of other aquarium manufacturers?

Other aquarium manufacturers typically use pressed wood, otherwise known as “MDF” (medium density fiberboard), “HDF” ( high density fiberboard), or “particleboard” in aquarium stands to cut costs. Such materials used in the making of an office desk or book shelf would generally be acceptable. However, for an aquarium, using such materials disregards the potential consequences it may bring to customers. Why?

Pressed wood is made from gluing wood particles and fibers together. When water comes in contact with pressed wood, it absorbs and expands, causing the glue to lose its bonding. Considering the weight of an aquarium filled with water on a pressed wood stand, it’s easy to imagine what could happen.

Due to this, we do not use pressed wood anywhere in our aquarium stands and canopies. We believe it is unsafe, and therefore, unsuitable for large aquariums. It does not matter to us whether pressed wood is a more cost efficient option for the company. What matters more to us is that Aqua Vim® users receive long-lasting aquarium furniture, and something of greater importance: peace of mind.


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