AquaVim Cabinetry

What is so good about AquaVim’s furniture

Long before Aqua Vim was flourishing, establishing its name and reputation in the industry as preeminent manufacturer of exclusive aquarium styles and cabinetry, Imitators have tried to take shortcuts and use cheaper materials in a effort to make a product. These imitators come and go. Many could not survive a single production cycle due to the stringent quality requirements necessary in producing fine furniture, which we have a hard time calling it a mere “stand” when it resembles high-end cabinet instead.

For example, these manufacturers typically use pressed wood, or called “MDF” ( medium density fiberboard), or “HDF” ( high density fiberboard), and even “particleboard” in the weight bearing structures of an aquarium stand in a effort to cut costs. Such materials used in the making of an office desk or a small-size aquarium would generally be OK. We believe, however, that a manufacturer making such a stand for any aquarium larger than 90 gallons, completely disregards safety concerns and the consequences it might bring to consumers. Why?

Pressed wood is made by gluing and pressing wood particles and fibers together. With the great potential for moisture coming from maintaining an aquarium, pressed wood and particleboards can quickly deteriorate. When water gets in touch with the particles, they absorb it and expand making glue lose its bonding strength. When you consider this and the considerable weight of an aquarium full of water sitting on top the stand, it’s easy to imaging what might happen if someone were to lean on the tank or accidentally bump into it causing its weight to shift. It would be a disaster!

        Aqua Vim has not, does not, and will not ever use pressed wood or particleboard anywhere in its aquarium cabinets and canopies – Period. It doesn’t matter how much less expensive these materials may be. We believe they are unsafe and therefore unsuitable for fine, large aquariums.


Ocean View 10″ top-open canopy shown with mounted retrofit T5 (not included) and feeder tube, front, which extends into the water surface for food gathering(s). Vented open back. Canopy line covers water surface for a solid aquatic block.

Ocean View cabinet supports the aquarium 32″ from the ground with hole cut for plumbing and a ~2″ guard/lip around the curved glass tank covering the bottom and sandbed if used.



Moon View 15″ front-open canopy opens horizontally, allowing more accessibility. Hooks are installed for hanging light fixtures.

Moon View aquariums stand 36″ high. Peninsula and Cylinder tanks have dual sets of doors. Both OV and MV canopies feature 4″ square vents which can house fans.

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