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***** “The best fish tank I have ever bought. This is a 10 star…” John – Dixmont, ME


***** “The quality is much much higher than I even expected…. I was a little skeptical at first ordering from a place so far away. Now I am glad I did…. All in all I am extremely impressed…” Brent – Manhattan Beach, CA.


***** “I received the shipment today.  The tank and stand look fantastic.  You and your crew have done a great job.” Ryan -Spokane, WA, who also posted more on this link:


***** “Just received my tank and stand!  Simply beautiful!  Awesome workmanship.  The custom measurements were right on, brought it into the house without problem.  Very well packaged. Thanks for you excellent service.” Willy – Southern Pines, NC


***** “Gorgeous Tank! One of best purchases I made! A+++++++++++++++.” Brian – Plainfield, IL


***** “I recently purchased a 130 gal bow front tank. The project finally got finished this weekend and the tank is together and functioning . Everything is great I am really impressed with the quality of your products.” Ken – Cape Coral, FL


***** “The tanks are great. I think I need another one. Let me know if the 180 OV 1/2 cylinder in F139 with the black background is in stock.” Kim – Lansdale, PA


***** “Got my Moon View tank combo today. Looks top-shelf. Couldn’t be happier! Very impressive quality and details of the tank, furniture, and lighting fixture.” Todd – Oregon City, OR


***** “Of the many tanks I own and service, the ones from you are the best! Your craftsmanship is unsurpassed.” Peter – Nassau, NY


***** “We have set everything up and all the aquariums look great! …No doubt you guys are doing some amazing stuff!  Seriously consider it, I would love to promote your resources outside of Texas!” Craig – Midland, TX


***** “Even our customers agree your aquariums make other makes on the market look like junks. We would like to stock only your tanks now.” Silvia – Hackensack, NJ


***** “I’ve seen your company coming a long way and you’ve accomplished a lot during the last 6 years. I have been a picky person at the beginning and now I find myself no reason to be picky about your products. Well done! Keep it up!” Craig – Pearl River, NY


***** “Thanks a lot for allowing me to come visit your show room and ask so many questions. I am no longer suspicious about people saying your aquarium is the Rolls Royce. Now I am ready to order. Who is your dealer for my area?” Menic – NYC, NY.


***** “The unique styles and exceptional quality of your aquariums have enabled us to get more customers. I am glad I found you.” Glen – Westchester, NY.


***** “The unit arrived in perfect condition, well packed. The tank is beautiful, workmanship superb. The sump and pumps well designed. I have set it up with stock from an older tank and it is truly impressive. Thank you for a beautiful product at a fair price. I am very pleased. Thank you again”. MM – San Antonio, TX.


***** “My 170 gallon seamless bow front tank has arrived and it clearly exceeds my expectations. I wish I had an aquarium store to sell your products here, and will definitely recommend you to our friends”. Sam – Wichita, KS.


***** “Hi Alex: just wanted to thank you for all the help with this tank.  I am really enjoying it now.  It sure is beautiful and well built!! My neighbor called it the Biltmore of fish tanks!! lol Have a good one.”  Deborah -Bluffton, SC.


***** “Greetings Alex, I received my tank today. It is a work of art! I am impressed with the craftsmanship. The packing was superb as well….” Mike – Fishers, IN.


***** “Absolutely gorgeous! The little touches, from the very nice doors and finish to the feeding slot and the plumbing being included, very silent downflow…, just an excellently designed tank, and everything FIT, which just made everything go so much more smoothly than any tank I’ve ever set up. I won’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who asks.” CJ – Spokane, WA.


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