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Find out why Aqua Vim® aquariums are superior:

1. Our tanks are specially made to surpass our competitors' 
in safety, clarity, and sustainability. The glass we use is 
clearer than most other tank manufacturers' glass, yet 
tougher and more scratch-resistant than low-iron glass. 
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2. Aqua Vim® uses REAL WOOD in its stand and canopies to 
ensure your aquarium furniture last a lifetime. Unlike it's 
competitors, Aqua Vim® NEVER uses pressboard in the 
manufacturing of aquarium furniture. 
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3. Aqua Vim®'s proprietary glass bending technology creates 
virtually no distortion of image, in addition to the added 
safety benefit of having curved corners rather than sharp edges 
that holds a potential hazard to children running around the home.

4. Aqua Vim®'s unique, multi-intake overflow box design and 
bigger pre-drilled holes allow smoother and stronger water flow 
at a quieter mode, creating a more efficient filtration system. 

5. As Aqua Vim®'s premium glass aquariums are all hand-made, 
painstaking attention is paid to fine details. Artwork, 
signatures, colors, and dimensions, even personalized photos 
or logos, can all be custom-made to individual desires so that 
each owner of our handcrafted aquariums has a truly unique piece 
that can be enjoyed for years to come.
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