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Complete Custom super aquarium - super style, super size from 1,000 to 12,000 gallons.

2,000 gal shark tank, with 3D rock background, custom sump filter. Tank was built using high-impact resistant glass on site, stand was made of several sections of steel/wood cabinets locking each other, run by multiple AquaVim 2600gph SuperQuiet pumps, lighted by multiple AquaVim single-strip LED lights.

Since a pre-made tank in this size would be too big to transport on any vehicle and its owner did not want us to break any wall. The main challenge relating this custom shark tank project was not its 2,000-gallon size, not its odd pentagon shape, and not its structure engineering, but the difficulty of having to move all materials, including a 16-ft long steel-sandwiched wood cabinet stand section and a 12-ft long strengthened glass pane weighing over 1,000 lbs, into the lake-facing subfloor of a private mansion far off road, unreachable by crane or other heavy lifting vehicles, through a window only 49" wide x 39" high. This was much more of a challenge than lifting a super size aquarium and put into an office on 22nd floor of a skyscraper building in Manhattan, NY.

The 2,000 gallon setup was sold and maintained by Complete Aquariums, Aqua Vim's exclusive dealer for Bedford Hills, NY area.


1,000 gallon custom set:

Tank completely custom-made for Marriott Hotel, with high-impact resistant glass, external overflow box with dual level skimming intakes, exhibit windows, residue waste removing/water changing system, automatic water refill system, custom sump filter with refugium/baby fish hatching/live food production room. The entire set is over 12' long, 4' wide, 8' high, running nearly 1,000 gallons of water, viewable from both sides, designed to enclose and conceal two steel columns with the side cabinets at two ends.

Dual level skimming intakes through openings on glass near bottom and top, requiring expensive and sophisticated machinery to cut, very few possess in the industry.

External overflow box, view front side cabinet.

Waste draining / water changing ball valve below bottom of the tank.

4 dried display shelves, one at each corner, and 2 doors to each end of the side cabinets. 

Custom sump filter with dedicated baby/shrimp hatching room. Furniture with easy accesses to sump in cabinet stand and lights in canopy on tank top.


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