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   Half cylinder


   Piano style

   Full cylinder

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   Cube bow


Star View Aquariums

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   Screen aquarium

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                                            Filters and Sumps

  Aqua Vim Eco-Smart Sump filter. (Filter media and plumbing kit included. Pump, skimmer, sump light, and plant optional). 

Aqua Vim Eco-Smart Sump - Perfect for aquarium with both fish and corals. This is a filter system that does a lot more than wet-dry trickle filtering. It features a complex of compartments to direct water flow in a non-agitated pattern to encourage growth of micro organism in its built-in refugium before your pump returns quality-filtered water full of beneficial bacteria and propagated live food to your main tank. The unique bio-ball wet/dry filtering compartment is designed with 2 elevating levels, enabling you to target either ammonia/nitrite during nitrogen cycle, or nitrate by the end of the cycle, or both, by simply raising, lowering, or removing specific media bags. With our 3rd version Eco-smart Sump, you can even hatch your bring shrimps, or keep your baby fish, in the refugium room. Sump body is made of glass for durability. Each combo includes bio balls, bio rings, drip plates, filtering pad, and plumbing kit. This innovative complete filtration system is born to meet the needs of saltwater-aquarium enthusiasts. Use it with refugium mud and live plants (not included), this system will provide crystal clear water full of beneficial micro organism. For more details and installation instruction, click [ here ].

Sump 130: Rated for tanks up to 130 gallons. It holds 25 ~ 30 gallons of water.

Sump 200:  Rated for up to 200-gallon tank, holds about 45 gallons of water, including filter media, and plumbing kit, dimension is usually approximately 36x15x19" but may vary depending on the aquarium style purchased. 

Sump 300: With one or two wet-dry chambers, for up to 300 gallon tank, holds about 55 gallon of water, typical dimension is 46x15x19" but may vary depending on the aquarium style you purchase. including filter media, and plumbing kit.

Sump 500: With 2 wet-dry chambers, for up to 500 gallon tank. Holds minimum 75 gallons of water, dimension  may vary depending on the aquarium style you purchase. Including one SuperQuiet 2000gph pumps, filter media, and plumbing kit.

Choose above model to suit your needs. - To make your pick easier, just tell us you want the sump included for the main tank you purchase, and inform what animals you will keep (i.e. fish only, fish with live rocks/plants, or reef tank), and we'll make sure the sump fits inside your aquarium stand, and suggest a proper size of pump, and other equipment suitable for your purpose).

MaxFilter: Wet-Dry sump filter provides maximum filtration capacity and freedom for you to add, alter, change media. Available in variety of sizes and flowing diagrams.




Aqua Vim overflow box:  This is another Aqua Vim's proprietary product that outperforms its competitors'. It features a double-wall design for 3-level intake and a widely-spaced bottom area available for bigger bulkheads. This means more water flow - nearly three hundred percent (300%) more than Oceanic/AGA's standard overflow box, - quieter draining, and better water quality. Truly the top choice for reef coral keepers. 

Size 1: 11" x 6" x 27 1/2", comfortably fit one 1" + one 1 1/2" bulkheads, or multiple smaller bulkheads. For tank 28 to 32" high.

Size 2: 13" x 7 1/4" x 27 1/2", fit one 1 1/2" + one 2" bulkheads, or multiple smaller ones. For tank 28 to 32" high.

Aqua Vim 3D coral overflow box, and cover:

Aqua Vim 3D coral overflow box, or cover: Choose either the 3D box as a stand-alone overflow box, or the 3D cover to conceal your existing overflow box. Made using non-toxic materials. The main corals are removable, so you can plug or unplug them to suit your needs. It's even equipped with a removable, submersible light to reflect and enhance the vividness of realistic coral reefs. You get all the pieces you see in the picture (over 30 corals). There are 2 sizes for you to choose from: 

23 1/2" high cover: Perfectly shaped inside for covering up MegaFlow box of Oceanic and All-Glass' tanks from 24 to 28" high. Accessible to tank with an opening of 10"x22" or bigger. Outer dimension: with all corals plugged in: 29"L x 18"W x 23 1/2"H, with main corals unplugged: 22"L x 16"W x 23 1/2"H.

27 1/2" high box, or cover: For tanks 29 to 33" high, half circle inner shape. Accessible to tank with an opening of 9"x21" or bigger. Outer dimension: with all corals plugged in: 28"L x 18"W x 27 1/2"H, with main corals unplugged: 22"L x 13"W x 27 1/2"H.

For more choices, pleaes click [ here ].

Aqua Vim DragonFlow:

DragonFlow is Aqua Vim's new design that serves as an overflow box to optimize both water quality and in-tank space. It not only out-performs MegaFlow and many other names in flow capacity, smoothness and quietness, but also, it takes less space (3.8" diameter foot print) and requires only one pre-drilled tank-bottom hole that serves for both drain and return. DraganFlow provides a flexible alternative in choosing variety of filtration methods for users with upgrades in minds: For hobbyists planning to setup freshwater now and upgrade to saltwater aquarium in the future, you only use the bulkhead cap included to seal the hole for now and the tank is ready free of pipes for use with a canister filter; To upgrade to a sump wet/dry filtration system, simply add DragonFlow pipe set and the tank becomes reef ready. You can even cut the pipe set to any level of heights to suit your individual needs, such as lower your water level for your amphibian. Entire kit comes with PVC pipes, screen heads, bulkhead, elbows, etc. A custom-made threaded bulkhead cap is also provided in our aquariums with DragonFlow system. Choice of clear or blue pipe. Please indicate desired water level when order. To read more details of DragonFlow, please enter [ here ].


Aqua Vim CrossWave propeller wave pump:


        CrossWave combo with controller                                                 additional CrossWave pump set

Aqua Vim's CrossWave brings oceanic waves to your reef aquarium. This is not an ordinary pump, but a super-quiet wave making propeller pump capable of blowing up to 3600gph of turbulent current in variable of wave modes, speeds, timings and outputs of your choice, to benefit your fish and corals. By connecting to the controller included in the combo, you can program the pump to work in any one of the 8 wave modes of power outputs and cycle periods. You can even connect the controller with one additional pump set and place it at the other side of the tank to create bi-directional water flow in asynchronous movements. Just hit a button and you can start to fit your fish and let the pump automatically turn on again minutes later without worry of forgetting.  The unit runs so smooth and quiet that you can't hear a slightest sound - but it creates such nice and periodic wave motions you can see your fish and corals enjoying. The Wave combo includes pump, driver, controller, cable, and supporting brackets. The additional pump set includes pump, driver, cable, supporting brackets.


Developed specifically for AquaVim's luxurious lines of aquariums by renown marine bio project engineer Gary Loehr, ETSS patented Sump Buddy DownDraft skimmer does an amazing job despite its small foot print, allowing even a compact sump filter to work like a large filtration system. We recommend one SumpBuddy 40 for up to 300 gallon reef tank if used with Aqua Vim EcoSmart Sump filter, or for up to 230 gallon reef tank if used with other brand wet-dry filter. To achieve more for larger tank, you can use two SumpBuddy 40 skimmers, you will find that not only two units occupy less space than one equivalent of other brands, but also they work more than twice the efficiency. For installation instruction, please click [ here ].


AV-1000, hang-on-back skimmer, with needle wheel pump. We recommend it for up to 110 gallon reef tank if used with Aqua Vim Eco-Smart Sump filter, or for up to 80 gallon reef tank if used with other brand wet-dry filter.

AV-2000, Identical to AV-1000 but with Twin-tower and two needle wheel pumps. We recommend it for up to 200 gallon reef tank if used with Aqua Vim Eco-Smart Sump filter, or for up to 140 gallon reef tank if used with other brand wet-dry filter.



SuperQuiet pumps:  So powerful, yet so quiet ! The latest pump-making technology makes these all possible. AquaVim's SuperQuiet series of pumps dare to challenge any pump currently on the market for its quietness of operation.  It runs like a gentle, cool summer breeze but produces exceptional flow capacity. Because of precision tooling technology and special shaft materials it uses, it consumes lower energy and generate less heat than most other pumps on the market. Designed to be used either as a submersible sump pump or as an external sump pump. 1" outlet on all its models from 1000gph to 2600ghp. Ideal for use as an upgrade pump in Aqua Vim Eco-smart sump combo for aquarium of 100 gallons or larger.


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