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Moon View 90, 115, 133, and 160 gallon 3-quarter glass cylinder aquarium -Where to put it? get inspired [here]

 See more pictures [ here ]

3/4 cylinder, 270 degree seamless glass aquarium

with feeding tubes, side-open doors, and cooling fan slot.

MV 90 gallon Overall dimension: 34" L x 26" W x 76" H, tank height: 30", approximately.

MV 115 gallon Overall dimension: 34" L x 26" W x 82" H, tank height: 36", approximately.

MV 133 gallon Overall dimension: 41" L x 34" W x 76" H, tank height: 30", approximately.

MV 160 gallon Overall dimension: 41" L x 34" W x 82" H, tank height: 36", approximately.

       Colors to choose: make your choice by clicking here

        What is included: Each Moon View tank comes with or without at your option, built-in pre-filtration overflow box that sucks fish wastes from bottom, middle, and water surface, bulkhead fittings, elbows, adapters, water drainage and return PVC tubing, splashboard, an innovative feeding tube that enables feeding without lifting canopy cover and splashboard, 36" high carved/handcrafted real wood cabinet stand and 15" high front-open canopy with cooling fan slots and lighting fixture hanging hooks, and five year tank leakage warranty.    

    Optional accessories for this setup:    

        *Aqua Vim Smart Sump Filter: Sump filter tank combo with both wet/dry and refugium chambers, skimmer and pumps.

        *Light: Metal Halide + T5HO combination fixture from 198w to 1360w, Fluorescent 1-bulb to 8-bulb unit up to 640w.

        *Cooling fan: with automatic speed control and temperature sensor. This is indispensable if you place metal halide inside canopy.

        *CrossWave Rotary Wave System: This system sweeps your corals with periodic, turbulent waves at your targeted range automatically, to make your reef corals thrive.


Click to see Moon View styles below: 

               Library style                  Roman style
                      full cylinder            
             Pillar hider cylinder                  half cylinder
            MV seamless bow front            Piano style
                    MV room divider                    MV corner (1/4 cylinder)

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