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Star View Louvre Style Aquariums  -custom tanks from 162 gallons up to 1,010 gallons

        Louvre style L1, with golden oak/cherry furniture.


      Louvre style L2, with custom cream color furniture


Above: Louvre style L3, with carved-through artwork + lighted columns, Louis XIV canopy (left) or Napoléon canopy (right).



                                 Louvre Style L1, with white furniture.


                       Louvre style L4, with white furniture



                            Louvre style custom-made to reach ceiling


                    Louvre style reef tanks with live corals

View more pictures of Louvre styles [ here ].

Star View Louvre aquariums have virtually no limit on sizes and designs. Give us a sketch and we will custom make to your desired specification. 

The following are our standard dimensions that will suit best when used with our lighting fixtures and 3D coral inserts (overall dimension with Louvre style furniture, add 3 to 4 inches width and length each way):

162 gallon: 52x24x30"H;

200 gallon: 64x24x30"H;

280 gallon: 76x28x30"H;

310 gallon: 96x30x25"H;

420 gallon: 108x30x30"H;

680 gallon: 120x36x36"H;

1010 gallon: 216x36x36"H;

Want different size? E-mail us: sales@aquavim.com 


Want to see similar styles in Moon View series? 

    ---    Click [ MV Roman Style ], and [ MV Library Style ].


View Star View aquarium styles by clicking any one below:


                  Louvre style                          Jellyfish tank          Screen Aquarium                Rectangle                   4-Ultra combo



[Louvre style]    [Jellyfish Aquarium]    [Screen Aquarium]    [4-Ultra combo]    [Rectangular]    [Other styles]

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