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   Full cylinder

   1/2 cylinder

   1/4 cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Pillar hider cylinder

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   high cube

   Roman style

   Piano style

   Library style


Ocean View Aquariums

   Seamless bow

   U-shape room divider

   Half cylinder


   Piano style

   Full cylinder

   3/4 cylinder

   Cube bow


Star View Aquariums

   Louvre styles


   Screen aquarium

   Jellyfish aquarium

  4-Ultra tank


   Super custom


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   Seamless bow

   Half cylinder




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Compare weight factor: acrylic vs. glass

tank size


acrylic tank weight empty (lbs) / laborer needed to lift (person)

glass tank weight empty (lbs) / laborer needed to lift (person)

acrylic tank weight full (lbs)

glass tank weight full (lbs)

weight difference between glass and acrylic tanks when full (%)

55 42 / 2 78 / 2 589 625 6.1%
93 88 / 2 170 / 2 993 1075 8.3%
118 120 / 2 215 / 2 1305 1400 7.3%
170 160 / 2 295 / 3 1845 1980 7.3%
230 200 / 2 370 / 4 2330 2530 8.6%
265 250 / 3 460 / 5 2690 2950 7.8%
500 600 / 5 1050 / 8 4900 5350 9.2%


Compare other factors: acrylic tank vs. glass tank vs. Aqua Vim seamless curved glass tank

  sighted seams from viewing scratch concern  transparency and "aging" forming styles material cost manufacturing difficulty  water holding strength distortion
acrylic tanks glue on seams is nearly clear but effects view high, can easily get scratched from algae- cleaning very clear when new but become foggy over time. Strong lighting and detergents could also make it "yellow" or "fogged".  highly designable because of plasticity of acrylic nature high not difficult, requires no sophisticated equipment. strong because its seams are molecular bonds Minimum
convention glass tanks glue on seams is unclear and severely blocks view low, less likely to get scratches less clear than new acrylic but clear enough for viewing pleasure. Tank glass stay clear for life. less designable due to lack of heavy equipment and technology low difficult, but requires no sophisticated equipment fair. however its 8 seams depend on careful, highly skilled glue work May slightly distorted but does not effect use and view
Aqua Vim seamless curved glass tanks seamless, giving unobstructed view low, less likely to get scratches Stay clear life-long. It's standard tank glass is more clear than most other manufacturer's,  and it's custom-made Ultra-clear tank glass is extremely clear highly designable. Variety of shapes can be formed through Aqua Vim's glass bending technology very


very difficult, and requires large-scale equipment and extensive know-how strong because of use of thicker glass and because its tanks have only 3 seams compare with 8 of other's. Minimum. A few models with sharp-turn curves may slightly distorted but does not effect use and view



















How clear is the glass of Aqua Vim aquariums? 

        The glass we use for our tanks is specially made to surpass our competitors, therefore is clearer than glass used by most other manufacturers.  We can also custom-make using Starphire, or Ultra-clear glass to meet your perfectionism. See the difference below:


   Shown above: Side views of three 1/2" thick panes of each of the three glass grades for comparison. The three dark green pieces in the middle are the standard glass used by most other aquarium manufacturers, the three pieces on the right are the standard glass used by Aqua Vim; and the three pieces on the left are low-iron Starphire/UltraClear glass, which are not as tough as Aqua Vim glass, but the clearest. 

Aqua Vim uses either Aqua Vim glass in its standard tanks for most customers, or UltraClear glass for extreme hobbyists. Since it is difficult to bent low-iron UltraClear glass even in a digitally-controlled thermal oven, a tank built using curved UltraClear glass is usually about 3 times more expensive than a tank built using curved Aqua Vim glass. 



* All weights, sizes, and other information provided above are based on approximate estimates of materials generally used in manufacturing of aquariums available on the market. Weights of aquariums may vary from one manufacturer to the other.

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