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4-Ultra cube aquarium combo, 19, 33, 60 gallon and bigger


                                            SV 19 gal Ultra cube, with mini DragonFlow, sump filter.

                                     SV 60 gal Ultra cube.                       Custom SV tank, with solid wood frame stand and AquaVim HO LED light

View more pictures of this style [ here ].

What's "4-Ultra"?

It means:

1). Ultra-Clear glass are utilized - Makes our tanks so clear that you start to doubt your vision;

2). Ultra-edging technology, our unique 45-degree glass edging gives a tank not only extra bonding strength but also makes seams look thinner, neater, nicer, and best of all, when you use a razor blade to scrape your tank algae, you will not likely touch any silicone glue - because there is no glue exposed!

3). Ultra-flow capacity. Our proprietary mini-Dragon overflow system is capable of breezily cycling water up to 40 times of the tank volume per hour, but takes less space in tank and gives more room to your aquatic pets. 

4). Ultra-thin lighting fixture. Whether you use the included power compact, or you want to upgrade to a MH+T5HO Reef light or LED light, you can rest assured that the lighting fixture will not only work the best to suit your purpose, but also look the best.  


19 gallon: Tank: 18"W x 15"D x 16"H; Stand height: 33", Light: 24w fluorescent power compact.

33 gallon: Tank: 24"W x 18"D x 18"H, Stand height: 33", Light: 48w T5HO or 110w power compact.

60 gallon: Tank: 36"W x 20"D x 19"H, Stand height: 33", Light: 78w T5HO fluorescent.

Want a bigger size? We custom make bigger size. The following is a custom tank we made:

This 55"L x55"W x 28"H, 365 gallon, topless, frameless, braless cube glass tank, with 3D rock center island overflow box, can be made so structurally sturdy by us only, thanks to the 45-degree edging technology and powerful silicon glue specially formulated to the needs of Aqua Vim.

What are included in the standard 4-Ultra tanks?

a). Ultra-Clear glass tank with Ultra-edging seams, Ultra-flow mini-dragon overflow system and predrilled hole. 

b). Cabinet stand, in black color. 

c). Wet-dry sump filter tank, filtration media, pump, plumbing kit (PVC pipes, ball valves, fittings, elbows, adapters, etc). 

d). Light: T4 power compact fluorescent, or T5 high output fluorescent for fish only setup (for planted tank or reef tank setup, please contact us for recommendation of upgrade or add-on light).


e). AV-1000 skimmer, or ETSS Sumbbudy Skimmer.

See other cube tanks in MV style, OV style, LV style, and GV style.

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